Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stillwater Elementary Schools, Thanks for The Heads Up!

Tom attended Richmond Elementary School
pre-kindergarten class with Mrs. Andrew while Jingle
worked part time at the same school, then he
switched to Westwood until first grade, eventually,
he settled at Sangre Ridge Elementary School, with
Mrs. Wisdom as his second grade teacher who truly
inspires and encourages, things blossom beautifully.
Love Sangre Ridge system.

Jingle's (first row, first on left) First class and classmates at College of Education,
Photo taken at Richmond Elementary School Classroom, Fall 2001

Tom's Art work


Tom's birth certificate

 Fun at Kansas Science Museum

Image Credit:, school photographers.... locale sports photographers

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Zealand=Sheng + Roger Zierau + Maryland

South to neighbor Australia, an island
in Pacific ocean, New Zealand is a lovely
country, besides profound
soccer (American) or football (Asian)
teams, New Zealand offers
lush greenery and epic backdrops
fascinating people all over the world,
University of Auckland is the largest
among influential universities,
Kiwi fruits is a must taste if you're there.

Image Credit: on New Zealand, Sheng , Roger Zierau, Maryland, Univeristy of Auckland, ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Facebook: The Invaluable Tool In fostering Long Distance Communications!

Facebook is popular,
Jingle likes it because it fits
students such as Tom, Julie Zhu...
It's surprising that Mr. Obama has
banned his daughters from Facebook,
and Facebook bans posting
breastfeeding images, it's a matter
of individual choice I guess,
You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google,
and Wordpress, these are valuable
in fostering long distance communications.

Stillwater Parks and Recreation Inc: The Best Boomer Blast!!!

Residents living in Stillwater
shall be aware of events / celebrations
by Stillwater Parks and Recreation Inc.,
Besides baseball, basketball, flag football,
soccer, softball, tennis, and swimming lessons,
they also offer newly renovated playgrounds,
friends at farm day, art festival, blue music
festival, and boomer blast firework displaying
on July 4th, (reschedule if there is rain).

Ms. Wisdom: The First Teacher Encouraging Tom To Write (Poetry and Stories)

In 2005, Ms. Wisdom loaded a job
at Sangre Ridge Elementary School,
Teaching second grade class...
She encouraged students
to write stories, including poetry,
to her amazement, students responded
with outstanding ability in making up
stories and poems that are full of love,
wit, and humor. Jingle volunteered
in the morning for a few weeks.

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Oprah Winfrey: The Most Powerful Media

The Oprah talk show and The Oprah magazine
are the most inspiring and powerful
media in American history, Mr. Barack Obama,
Mrs. Michelle Obama, Mrs. Hillary Clinton,
and many other world famous figures, including
ordinary folks with extraordinary
contributions, have been featured
by Oprah Winfrey, after a break,
the show is back in the air!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beijing Wuzi University: I Miss It There ;)!!!

 Beijing Wuzi University Main Entrance

I do love my undergraduate time at
Beijing Wuzi University, (1986-1990)
Not only I learned engineering stuff,
but also I was equipped with knowledge
of computer science, economics and finance
awareness, Students were very active,
Dancing, pop singing, speech competitions,
and military training...everything prepares
students for challenges globally.
A big thanks to professors there.


Vice President of Beijing Wuzi University, Wang!

Students Training via professionals from outside the country

Ji(ngle) Yan(qiu), Beijing Wuzi University, 1989

For More Information, Please visit Beijing Wuzi University official web below:

Sheng and Tom, 2000, London Chinatown..

Jingle and Sheng, in front of University of Chicago math building, 1995

 Sheng, Tom, Jingle, London, 2000

 Tom, Jingle, and Sheng, London, 2000