Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beijing Wuzi University: I Miss It There ;)!!!

 Beijing Wuzi University Main Entrance

I do love my undergraduate time at
Beijing Wuzi University, (1986-1990)
Not only I learned engineering stuff,
but also I was equipped with knowledge
of computer science, economics and finance
awareness, Students were very active,
Dancing, pop singing, speech competitions,
and military training...everything prepares
students for challenges globally.
A big thanks to professors there.


Vice President of Beijing Wuzi University, Wang!

Students Training via professionals from outside the country

Ji(ngle) Yan(qiu), Beijing Wuzi University, 1989

For More Information, Please visit Beijing Wuzi University official web below:

Sheng and Tom, 2000, London Chinatown..

Jingle and Sheng, in front of University of Chicago math building, 1995

 Sheng, Tom, Jingle, London, 2000

 Tom, Jingle, and Sheng, London, 2000

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