Monday, May 21, 2012

Austria = Austin in Texas + Audie Murphy + Droste + Virginia + West Virginia + Amelia Wilson + Lisa Storm + Australia + U. S. A. + Augusta in Maine + Kitty August + Mariya Koleva + Tyris R. Jones + Chris Rawn + John Destefano + Paris + Steven Federle + Julia Zhu + Jo Bryant + Chelsea Clinton + Olive Tree + Oxford + Bryant College (TN) + University of California (CA) + University of Georgia ( GA) + University of Virginia (VA) + India (

Austria is a Central European country,
which is at north of Italy and Slovenia,
south of Germany and the Czech Republic,
east of Switzerland and Lichtenstein,
and west of Slovakia and Hungary.
Its capital city, Vienna, attracts you
with romantic Waltz music.
Home to Alps, the country promises to
mesmerize you with panoramic natural beauty.

Image Credit: on Austria 

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Somewhere afield,
Robins are doing cartwheels
to let their emotions felt,
She walks on,
hair cut short and combed neat,
feeling the breeze kissing-
as if she were with him,
retreating to the breach in the meadow
that permits her passing through,
then tug the grass like a sheet.
I've seen this happen,
he cannot let you go,
he won't settle down without hurting,
so you give in
and become attached to him more,
like those cherry blossoms,
pink sores boost upon itchy branches,
everything is natural at sight,
But it's all about break boundaries
and advance to new level of satisfactions.