Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July's Breeze (ABC Wednesday, Alphabet Thursday, Bluebell Twitter Claub Short Story Slam W23)

Alphabe-Thursday Letter J

Summer days enlarge
the length of their duration,
and cotton-candy clouds blanket
the earth in infinitely many shapes,
Let the bonfire blaze,
and dancing feet tango and amaze,
Let the first date glitter
and halt brittenrish rain
fron growing deeper,
Yellow waxen street lights
cast daydream alike reflections in water,
Whisper in orchards of love
motivate sweet honeydew,
some measures comely tread,
Some stories delightfully read,
Some limitless wisdom dwell,
through knotted riddles knowledge glow...
Winter days freeze the delights
and cut tedious times
while July's extended days
sing its songs in morning breeze.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fathers Come In Different Shapes and Sizes, But Mine Is Divine!

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When I grow up, father is a fixed concept, he seems there, always provide
security and support to his wife and children, with no other role to think of.

I had a sister who was born very sickly, she was only five months younger than me, and she got all the attention of the family, for being ill, for being treated special treats, and for being mean when her demands were not met. Father loved us the same, never giving up on her care and more....

she did make friends, and done well on school...made it to middle school...

The last time I saw my special sister was when I was attending high school, my little sister boarded on a ship and walked all the way to my dorm, giving me a bag of home made treats, some cash, and surprise
of love from her whole visits...

two months later, father came to visit my school, with red eyes, and sad faces, he revealed that my sister was gone...

I cried my heart out in my dorm room after father left, having nightmare about being unable to know it earlier and for being unable to be a better sister to her...later when I went home for winter break, I learned that: father almost had his heart broken when my sister died, he rolled on the floor and screamed shrinkingly on the day my sister was buried...

I saw my father's heart, knowing how much he loved his daughter, although she came to the world with troubles for the entire family for almost 15 years...being emotionally unsteady, being picky, and being bossy...father and mother never thought of discard this child no matter how hard it was to deal with her. she was loved and well taken care of the entire time, she died at hospital after going to a party with father and came home, very sick...

father's love could be so deep and memorable, he was fair to his children absolutely, and he would not give up on his child no matter how sick she was...

I was lucky to be born healthy and strong, but the love from my father stayed the same from the beginning...he made up riddle and offered encouragements to make sure i was paid attention, and given chances to make progress in everything...He showed understanding when I failed to fulfill common satisfaction to him as a daughter, he offered full support and honors when my kids and family needed...

There are all kinds of fathers in this world, everyone claims to be unique and loving, I have to say, my father is special, and his love for my siblings and me is demonstrated in everyday details while we grow up and become adults....

Take good care, father...I wish you well and please don't worry about me. Thanks for being the most loving son to my grandparents, and the most reliable husband to my mom, and the most understanding father to your three surviving children...

every move you made to show your love is worthy the are loved...

Now I know that not all fathers are fully devoted his wife and children, thus I cherish my own father more for his lifetime devotion to his wife, and children...bless you once more.