Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Season

Days turn cold
as minds become restless,
not much!
Time teaches lessons,
Improper relations suck,
Yes, someone out there enjoys her "self defined' love,
involving a married man who refuses to divorce,
but forced to adore her,
what's the pride?
what's the fruits of such love?
children have turned into "reasons" or weapons
for lasting ties, money is a key,
what if he stops giving you money, do you still love him to death?
what if he tells you that he never loves or loved you,
he connects because you make your emotion
too loud, too big, too dangerous....
so sad that in this world,
women don't feel their own worthiness,
do you need to offer your body for momentary feed?
people differ,
you walk your own path,
take your own medicines,
don't blame others for your pains,
bless you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who You Are By Wave Carberry

You are a rare wild orchid, magically lit from within,
But warmed outside by flaming sun of passion.
You are strong, and cling tenaciously to love.
No jungle predator can tear you from your home,
for you protect your own.
but when shrieking storms have blown down
all the stable trunks of home,
and you stand swaying in the shifting wind,
know this, my friend:
You are more than who you think.
No one can define you, or diminish you,
Even at the brink of loss and sorrow,
you fold within yourself
seeds of growth and power.
The light of understanding
These contain the blueprint of your larger family.