Friday, December 20, 2013

Intransigence by Kay Ryan


as a quality
rejects influence
and encourages oddity.
"I will not bemoved."
It says most movingly
to anyone
touched by irony.
For intransigence
lives in a host
and all guests
must pay a cost.
It is worn
and functioned at by mortality.
The flesh erodes
beneath it gradually.
What was fierce
becomes cantankerous
it is cruel for the host
and for the intransigence.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Season (Where is the gift of love in humanity)?


Days turn cold
as minds become restless,
not much!
Time teaches lessons,
Improper relations suck,
Yes, someone out there enjoys her "self defined' love,
involving a married man who refuses to divorce,
but forced to adore her,
what's the pride?
what's the fruits of such love?
children have turned into "reasons" or weapons
for lasting ties, money is a key,
what if he stops giving you money, do you still love him to death?
what if he tells you that he never loves or loved you,
he connects because you make your emotion
too loud, too big, too dangerous....
so sad that in this world,
women don't feel their own worthiness,
do you need to offer your body for momentary feed?
people differ,
you walk your own path,
take your own medicines,
don't blame others for your pains,
bless you.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome: Words from Christopher L. Eisgruber '83



Welcome to Princeton University. We are a community that values learning. Our immodest but heartfelt goal is to be one of the world's great research universities and its very best liberal arts college. We regard these two pursuits as mutually reinforcing, a belief that is exemplified by our defining commitments. For example, we expect all of our undergraduate students to complete a major independent research project, and we insist that all of our faculty members – from newly minted assistant professors to internationally renowned Nobel Laureates – engage fully with our teaching mission.
The resulting University is a special and varied place. Princeton is home to world-class research laboratories, wondrous libraries, inspiring art, graceful architecture and charming landscapes. But at Princeton's core are the devoted and talented students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends who care about this University like no other. They form an inclusive community centered on this campus but extending throughout the nation and around the globe, where its members strive to live up to the University's informal motto: to be "in the nation's service, and in the service of all nations."
I hope that this website will help you to understand the spirit that animates this University, and I hope that you will find answers to at least some of the questions that brought you here. But I hope most of all that – if you are not already on our campus – you will soon have occasion to visit us here at the place we call "Old Nassau," whether to renew old acquaintances or to create new ones.
With best wishes,
Christopher L. Eisgruber '83

Saturday, November 16, 2013

McCormick Staff Members Honored for Service Program acknowledges employees for milestones in employment

program acknowledges employees for milestones in employment

Nov 8, 2013
Several McCormick staff members were honored on November 7 as part of the McCormick Staff Service Recognition Awards. The annual program, launched in 2004, recognizes staff members who have dedicated years of service to McCormick. This year, 15 staff members were honored for reaching significant milestones.
Honored for five years: Molli Connell, program assistant, materials science and engineering; Kelli Delaney, program assistant, materials science and engineering; Laura Fields, program assistant, materials science and engineering; Gail Ivanauskas, assistant director of financial operations; Amy Masters, program assistant, mechanical engineering; and Molly Scanlon, Customer Service Center representative.
Honored for 10 years: Mark Bourgeois, administrator, VaNTH Project, biomedical engineering; Alice Kelley, associate dean of administration, finance, and planning; Daniel Lee, web applications/software developer; Kim Nowakowski, program assistant, civil and environmental engineering; and Mary Schmidt, associate director of facility, Faulk Center, biomedical engineering.
Honored for 15 years: Richard Marzec, senior user support specialist, mechanical engineering; George Nejmeh, program facilitator, Master’s of Information Technology; Steve Slocombe, IT consultant associate; and Cathryn Timmers, financial assistant, industrial engineering and management sciences.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wish By Lance Henson


a niche
a morning of
where your
repeat the only
word you know.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

July's Rain

Summer days enlarge
the length of their duration,
and cotton-candy clouds blanket
the earth in infinitely many shapes,
Let the bonfire blaze,
and dancing feet tango and amaze,
Let the first date glitter
and halt the romantic rain
from growing deeper,
Yellow waxen street lights
cast daydream alike reflections in water,
Whisper in orchards of love
motivate sweet honeydew,
some measures comely tread,
Some stories delightfully read,
Some limitless wisdom dwell,
through knotted riddles knowledge glow...
Winter days freeze the delights
and cut tedious times
while July's extended days
sing its songs in morning breeze.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Funny Toned Verse: Today By Violette Whyatt


Christmas Lights (Sheng Dan Cai Deng)


Anything could happen,
Tomorrow is uncertain,
Yesterday have gone to Heaven,
Time passes by like summer rain.
Snatch the balls tossed to you,
Have fun with it while you may;
Make the most of today,
Handle things tomorrow may give in your way! image,

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wish By Lance Henson


a niche
a morning of
where your
repeat the only
word you know.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Defining Success

To smile often and free,
to win approval of admirable people,
and the respect of young children,
To receive honorable mention of professionals,
and to endure the betrayal of foes,
          to promote beauty,
          to discover new talents in others,
          to help the confused minds,
          do your best,
          never mind what's discouraging out there,
          feel proud of yourself,
          Because you have lived a fulfilling life,
          which shows that you have succeed.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saving Summer by Charles Hice


Saving Summer
Sun  blazes they save summer in the bottles in the deep south it is the beers the whiskeys and the wines that holds the summer down
coffee is still my beverage even in the heat it is cool inside eye see
summer prints
summer sweats
summer grinds me into power as eye step almost hurriedly in shade escaping the sun ever relentlessly it comes in power it beats down
summer waits
summer hides its face
summer rules the human race the space of summer keeps
summer showers make no noise but wet the grass and leave the clouds part and still the summer sun has come to dry the steps eye take
giant strides and tiny steps besides the summer lingers as eye trace my steps
summer comes
summer runs away
summer stays
in the bottle for the rich
in the coffee of the poor
some find summer in the suns frown
some people love the nights more then the days
the saving grace of summer is the friends we make
Saving Summer

Wednesday, June 26, 2013