Saturday, April 6, 2013

On Childhood Obesity: Nutritious Food Is Vital

A monster you can see and feel,
I will make you kneel.
I grow and I grow
And nothing you do can immediately stop me.
Healthy bodies I can attack
And unhealthy I can make worse;
I am what you call "overweight",
I am obesity's curse.
I ruin your looks,
I ruin your life;
Illnesses you haven't heard of-
I bring them and create a strife.
Diabetes I am a cause of
And early heart problems;
High cholesterol you may have heard of-
Yes; that, too, I bring about.
Asphyxiation, hypertension-
Now do you see a premonition?
So, eat right
A balanced diet
And you can feel light
With a whole lot of might.
But if you don't,
You know what you can do-
Kids, kids!
Roll your way to childhood obesity

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