Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sarah Has A Wet Eye

One eye on Miami,
Another eye on Norman OUMC,
Kirk Brennan on undergraduate study at USC,
Eric Furda on Philadelphia UPenn, PA.
Bamboo shoots,
Fresh corn on the cobs,
Nutri-Phocuong Vietnams Noodle house,
A Jack-in-the-box Sriracha Burger lunch Tox.
Monkey bar at OKC zoo,
The Panda Garbage disposal taboo,
Karissa Loperz has a broken heart,
When Jennifer Barton wins an award on creative art.
Warren Buffet encourages Startups at Nu,
Alan Wu refuses to quite his relation with Amelia Yu,
Sarah has a wet eye,
After Suri Cruise hits new york times headline
with a beautiful tatoo.

OKC Zoo and Science Museum Oklahoma - - Oklahoma City, OK ...

2011-2012 Squad

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Babana Flash Fiction

two bananas,
two figures,
if they stay close,
they constitute lines of prose.
four bananas,
four directions,
when they form two axises,
they become geometry planes.
six bananas,
six toes,
after they wear one shoe,
their identity shrinks to a sole.
banana trees,
banana woods,
bananas attract monkeys,
bananas slice life into yellow dreams.

Amazing Reasons to Eat Bananas

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hans Zimmer VS Kristina Fisher

Christina Rossetti,
Billy Collins,
No solo fame, no solo entry,
No solo government, no solo poetry,
No solo voice echoing through sinful den,
No choice but pen pusher pen.
Hans Zimmer,
Kristina Fisher,
their faith burns high, their strength run low,
their confidence overcomes shame and guilt,
their desire bursts out to the sea,
their decision yet one of those green pea.
Edmond North High,
Thomas and Danforth intersection,
The Jazz band plays rainforest,
The OYO team has cello solo,
The OYP and OYW stamp north pole Penguin shade,
the Jason Edward Grife concert rocks Oklahoma.