Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sarah Has A Wet Eye

One eye on Miami,
Another eye on Norman OUMC,
Kirk Brennan on undergraduate study at USC,
Eric Furda on Philadelphia UPenn, PA.
Bamboo shoots,
Fresh corn on the cobs,
Nutri-Phocuong Vietnams Noodle house,
A Jack-in-the-box Sriracha Burger lunch Tox.
Monkey bar at OKC zoo,
The Panda Garbage disposal taboo,
Karissa Loperz has a broken heart,
When Jennifer Barton wins an award on creative art.
Warren Buffet encourages Startups at Nu,
Alan Wu refuses to quite his relation with Amelia Yu,
Sarah has a wet eye,
After Suri Cruise hits new york times headline
with a beautiful tatoo.

OKC Zoo and Science Museum Oklahoma - - Oklahoma City, OK ...

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