Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Cookie-Master At Scottland

Big bird likes speaking with small monsters,
Elmo, Sid, Dora, Bob, Nina, Bart, Kim, Baylee, Leah, Laynie, and Megan...
Todd Lamb believes that, all shall be considered:
Kim Hunter, Sally Archer, Rebecca Morris, Al Shelton, Peter Agre, Bill Underwood,
                                       Nick Murphy, Gary Salwierak, and Suzanne Donnolo.
Sarah Constantin seeks orchestra concerts hosts inspirations,
When Chris Shrock, Lori Webster, Pam Felactu, Bob Moore, Benjamin Moore,
                           Sena Brothers, and Larry King promote academic excellence.
I see the Cookie-Monster at Scottland,
I spy Frank Wang, Monique Baxter, Jiahong Luu, Julie Zhu, Charles Page, Ali Zhang,
                                   Fazlur Rahman, and Alan Moore drive at sesame street.
David Kighuradze visits Georgia of Russia,
Charles Dillard, Shayne Johnson, Dan Vossen, Weiping Li, Emily Dial, Rynel Luo,
          Meijun Zhu, Ning Ju, and Tiejian Wu plans a trip to Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska.
peace is everyone's dreams,
every child rests at ease when they are pleased by brain storming programs,
Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin, Tiger, Piglet, Rabby, Gophie, Avery, and Farren.

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