Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mother Earth

look around,
Hear the nature,
We see lawn,
green all around;
We hear fly,
Buzzing near Pat Morris feature.
None knows the reason,
the earth has four different seasons,
Spring is vivid,
Summer is hot,
Autumn is golden,
winter is frosty and frozen.
new year's day,
Valentine's sweet,
Mother's day,
A parent's glory,
Fathers' day,
breath taking poetry!
life is Heaven
when Christmas is near,
we hear holy songs,
we shop for loving gowns,
mother earth,
Irresistible socials to confess.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Infiniti Toward the Frozen Woods

time has gone deep,
we see no bottom
as we drive our fancy Infiniti car
toward the frozen woods near Walton.
The sky hangs low with dark clouds,
the days are icy with sharp teeth of ice,
The Swanson lake is flat like foggy mirror,
I wonder how life has become when the car wheels spins.
cold feet?
I bet it's not the cold weather
sending shivers down our spines,
But the decisions to go farther
in the maze of threatening conditions.
Does car insurance company care/
Does the drive know the rope of inspired driving record?
state farm
it's like a good neighbor for many.
deep breath,
slow motion,
fast reaction,
firm control of stirring wheels...
a risk taking ride,
a growth in managing the hard drive,
technology age,
the celebration of a comedy in the Hundred acre wood.

i write

i sleep
i eat
i drive
i write

i read
i think
i post
i host

i cook
i shop
i walk
i run

i come
i go
i count
i play casino.