Monday, November 30, 2015

some bad or good thoughts on Shen DieYaGe visits

3WW Week No. 455: Habitual, Illustrious, Jumbled

Six Word Saturday

My Monday Is Filled With Feathers

yesterday's leftovers,
today's lunch,
I often confess---
more freedom from USA today news

last time's memory,
future's poetry themes,
a senior citizen adventures Andrew Cash,
lots of Candace Stone forgotten

Pete Meyer Vs John Sherman,
a donkey and a zebra compete with aging Carlson,
San Diego zoo has doors open or closed,
never mind those flamingos beyond the reaches

Sesame street and Elmo red hair,
Mayor Gina Noble writes to Edward Lee,
Christopher Clark responds in kindness,
Say hello to beginning drivers

award winning actress Julie Roberts,  
Museum of Art, museum of Man, and museum of natural history,
they demonstrate Timken Art of Russians,
what a go to Putin and Karl Max

Habitual birds peck fun over precious but jumbled panda,
Baiyun or white cloud gives panda favor to illustrious Torey Pines visitors,
a small gift of Xiao Leewoo tickles venetian peng,
sweet chicken hamburger fits Panda Country Yanwu folks.

Whirligig 35

  photo bcb141a2-80a4-40f9-9dc0-55bb5623d2d6_zpslhogvqks.jpg