Monday, January 25, 2016

Friday My Town Shoot Out, short story slam week 37

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Century years ago
people use hourglass to measure time
and invent paper mills to transform tree logs

from fir tree,
to logwood,
the time is the length of growth

a tent is for shelter
a table cloth is for easy party usage
the tools are soft, material, and mobile

our thoughts root from our brain
we shall not be too sticky to our mind
by imaging us else where, at Mars, dancing with Moon lady

Monday, January 18, 2016

Charles Tomlinson: Swifts

Charles Tomlinson




Swifts do not sing: 
what they do well 
is sleep on the wing,
moving always higher and higher
in their almost entirely
aerial existence, alighting
only to nest, lay eggs,
rear their young and then
back to the airways
to teach them there
the art of high-speed darting
with narrow swept-back wings
and streamlined bodies:
when swifts descend
they cannot perch, they cling
by hook-shaped toes
to walls and so crawl
into sheltered cavities, into gaps
in eaves and church towers
where they can nest. Summer visitors
they seem always about to leave
and when they finally do
scream in their hundreds
that the time is now,
that the south awaits,
that he who procrastinates
has only the cold to explore
for those succulent insects
who are no longer there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Three Word Wednesday, ABc Wednesday, and Short Stroy slam Week 36

3WW Week No. 462Harrowing, imperfect, lame

Ironwood pharmaceuticals, inc.
Apple INC. posts computer wires on Vietnam

plowing, sowing, harrowing,
revlon, pantene, shea, and levi pin

Hilary Duff appears on RedBook magazine,
Mary Sadlier carries black vest from West Chester, PA

play basketball with Alison Sweeney,
Reach for Relpax for a lame fin

Nicole Lapin smiles at imperfect bank account,
Sandra Bullock uses plumpify lip brush recommended 

by Kayleigh Donahue Hodes, and Alexei Hay
makes her way to San Francisco bay with Jessica Pressler.


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Black & White Wednesday ~ Frozen

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A is for apple

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