Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Memory Art, ABc Wednesday, F is for Fine Arts, Mellow Yellow Monday, yellow rocks, Friday my town shoot out, short story slam week 39

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Black & White Wednesday ~ That Barn
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F is for Fine Arts

 Fine Arts for Orchestra,
 Adore Noir plays Cello, extra

Fine arts for Farm Darr,
Dorianne Wotton gets a feature

Fine arts for Robert Black Law office,
Rakesh Khurana buys a new computer mouse

Fine arts for political debates,
Hillary Clinton runs for 2016 white house

Journey to the center of a baby rattle,
Becca Ramos sleeps, as baby Jane Golovchenko maps

Fine arts for child rearing
a toy story of Baby R'Us for sightseeing

Fine arts for English,
Charles William Eliot and Derek Curtis Bok are not foolish

Goffe house, Peyntree house,
Harry Elkins Widener meets Sheila Thimba, Joan Rouse

Fine arts for ABC Wednesdays,
Nathan Marsh Pusey, Lynn Fitzgerald, and Vanessa Osgood rest on Satidays

 Lullaby, Baby hears, not to cry,
 Nightingales sing, praying for Calf Fry

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yellowed rocks... 

Journey to the Center [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

Friday, February 12, 2016

let's go face to face one by one

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 Image result for university of florida
 Image result for university of florida
a list of powerful voices from around the north amerca

Nancy Black
Slay shanks
Sarah Gooden
Paige Albert
Barbara Allen
Lori Radford
Shelby Rogers
Jacob Rexwinkle
Carl Tolman
Thomas Eliot
William Danforth
Mark Wrightton
Rolla Wells
William Carr Lane
Francis Slay
Bruce Rauner
Julio Frenk
Donna Shalala
Steve Ulmann
Marty Walsh
David Maher
Ken Hansen
Kimberly Castro
Nancy Ducos
Kimberly McCarthy
Lakshmi Pichai
Regunatha Pichai
Kimberly Thomas
Sandar Pichai
Anjali Pichai
Kent Fuchs
Bernard Machen
charles Young
ed braddy
james cason
rick scott
shonda ranson
sue rush
kelli casale
krishan chopra
lynn dobson
jannie quinn
nicole wright
lorrie brewer
bill haslam
ronald haslam
barbara haslam
nicholas zeppos
james b
denise barry
carolyn barry
scott haslam
cheryl haslam
amber strohl
james druding
nancy haslam
karin peyre
kari dean
bill purcell
megan barry max barry
bruse barry
stefan schostok
stephan weil
august holweg
maggie hassan
amy luttrell
amy roadman
betty henneberg
mark zuckerberg
sheryl sandberg
natalie portman
matt damon
philip hanlon
scott estes
max bosel
sayed fakhry
linda forsberg
gregg hosfeldt
jacqueline solomon
max bosel
chris hsiung
jessica nowaski
patty kong
claudia koob
suzanne niederhofer
tina yoke
thresa burke
patricia young
grace zheng
j. p. de la montaigne
bruce hurlburt
john marchant
scott whisler
gail gentes
michael hanlon
patrick hanlon
maureen hanlon
jeremy foley
jim mcElwain
kevin Hanlon
tina Kaslam
Theresa Hasleam
Cornor Haslam
Keegan Haslam
Martin Albert
Alex andrade
Terry Blount
Linda Lauzze
Randal Tsuda
Michael Madigan
Riched Daley
Erika Harold
David Neuman
Elliott Douglas Rodgers
John Hecker
roger Jensen
Steve Rodriguez
Melvyn Yabut
richar Alameda
Dennish Custodio
Juan Diaz
John Owen
Ted Vandenberg
Chad Penn
Madison Schmidt
Laura Harrington
Elizabeth Garrett
Bill Nye
Bill Maher
Tsai Ing-wen
Laura Shea-Clark
Rosanne Macek
Rebecca Gamboa
Karin Bricker

Monday, February 8, 2016

short story slam week 38: the guy who calls Erin "Nu Gao Cai Sheng"

a figure who indeed comes to my view,
His name is Brady Shuai, whose career is teaching

Father as a famous cook, named Dasi Shuai (大四, 帅),
whose three other brothers follow as Xiaosi Shuai, Sansi Shuai, Sisi Shuai...

Brady Shuai has a  oriental name Jialiang Shuai,
he stands out as a scholar of Chou (Tianmen County)...

Although Brady Shuai has a brother who disagree with Me (Erin Zuo),
Erin still appreciates Jiajing (Seth) Shuai, and a sister alike named Molly Shuai

Why Erin Zuo remembers this family so well?
The reason is that Brady Shuai's grandmother is a well known lady

the old lady, Maya Pane,  has bounded feet,
the same as Juer Yan, and both have married as 14 year old teen in 1923

When Erin Zuo attends Zhang Gang High School,
She becomes well known as Chemistry Winner in Jin Zhou District

Brady Shuai greets Erin with a honest smile,
As Brady walks pass Erin, saying "Welcome, High Intelligence Girl"

"Nu Gao Cai Sheng" as Erin was in 1984,
A lady of firm belief, consistent preservation of family value, that's nowadays Erin

We appreciate Brady Shuai for encouragement being a distant relative,
We value Maya Pan, Dasi Shuai for high quality cook at hometown today

The home of Rice and Fish,
The land of Peanuts and Cotton, I place the spot in Heaven!

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Maya Pane ||  Marriott Shuai                           Zhongqiang Peng ||  Juer Yan

                 !                                                                                  !
                 !                                                                                  !
  Dasi Shuai                                                                 Hounian Peng (William Chris Pang)
  Xiaosi Shuai
  Sansi Shuai
  Sisi Shuai
  Zhilan Shuai

 Dasi Shuai || Kimberly Wamg
            Jialiang Shuai (Brady)
            Jiajin Shuai  (Seth)
            Jin Ge Shuai (Molly)

 Maya Pane and Ju Er Yani both have bounded feet, growing up conservative,
and having early age marriage, and bearing lots of Children, so and so, Etc.

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