Wednesday, May 11, 2016

fly under the wings of Corie Melaugh, Peter Markes, Karina Fisher, Molly Shi Boren, Mary Fallin, and Chris Shrock

seniors from ossm feel good about dinners before may 28,
seniors from oyo, oyp, oyw have firm beliefs on music and college spirts,
string camps,
academic progress

we know those who opt to go to cool places,
we know that Julie Cohen, Emily Claude, Anne Peters do care,
we know that Gina Noble, Dennis McClurg, Gayla Foster, and Ruibo Lu do dare,
when we sit, pray, we seek peace, and grace

from those who decide to play music,
from oklahoma city wanda bass music school,
to quartz mountain summer arts institute,
many of you feel empowered by your grand echo

do you know who is Nguyen Tu?
do you know who is Grace Lu?
do get to know Clayton Chai, Lily Lee, Giang Vo, Zachary Tin, Allison Tien,
do remember Catie Thai, Karina Feng, Theo Cohen, Bailey Bell, Anna Deng,

we may never see Christina Li, Grace Lu, Amanda Pan, Tina Wu in person,
but we do relate, and promote their peers such as Angela Zhu, William Lin,
we do value Simon Ma, Laura Deng, David Lee, Tom Lee Wu, Cole Woods,
and we have fun with Madelynn Huff, Amanda Kinnamon, Jade Magluyan,

think of 2016, may gradaution,
look forward toward fall, 2016 freshman opening,
we know we must include Max Barry, James Wrighton, Tina Wu, Tuzo Mwarumba,
Joel Ball, Simon Brown, Nathaniel Bullock, Jaden Frye, Olivia Heath, Sadie Sieck

great,let's continue,
let's mention Elizabeth Myles, David Lee, Benjamin Lanners, Rebekah Stafford,
Elizabeth Bunting, Rachel Evans, Gene Moon, Luke McGuire, Sammy Yates, Rebecca Sharp,
Catherine Brown, Shelby Hedges, David Lyon, Justin Blue, Richie Abakah, Carly Viars

at last, we still think of our friends,
think of Amanda Owens, Sarah Tuttle, Skylar Woolington, Seth Marler, Samantha Jiwa Murphy,
Jacob Gonzalez, Holls Taylor, Kera Wallis, Meg Reasner, Abigail Hardage, Lexie Green
Kaithlyn Slade, Relley Hedrick, Cole Eichelberger, Austin Hogue, Emily Selman, Jessica Wilcox,

we print Jacob Gorman, Quinn McCrary, Tyler Williams, Cole Woods,
Caleb Boyer, Sarah Gilkerson, Trevan Lovelace, Tanner Morgan, Keely Brown,
Megan Green, Kayla Batson, Preston Gilpatrick, Davion Juarez, Dallas Leidy, Alex Rolling,
Augustine Smith, Madison Franks, Arielle Overton, Aurica Rising, Stephanie Krichena,