Tuesday, August 2, 2016

short story slam week 49, amazing air waves

thomas edison
qingming yang

angela and jennifer
susan jefer writes about indian lords

jason bourne
rishi from himalayan store
raymond postal service
hall of fame or duck street gas

caribou coffee
carmike movie kungfu panda
sprouts edmond and j j  donuts plus 7-eleven fuel
bryant and 2nd street  with morgan

sharp pencil sharpeners
Drew Scottt, Osvaido Lopez, Andrew Campbell, Clave Roccaforte, Eric Slow, Peter Hong

John Steeg,
Susan Nordstorm,
Charles Deering
Yoon Han

library of northwestern university
Roxanne, Sarah, Sheng, Julia, Stacia, Alan, Jian, Natalie, Joan Waitt,
Tom, Abbey, Lucas, Oliver, Ari, Ethan, Cynthia, Ben, Tian Shuji, Shifu Dong, Shifu Wei
Shifu Zhao, Shifu zhang, Zhang Guizhi, Shifu Yan, Feng Yan, Shifu Meng

董卿  魏晋 田俊行  严凤英  闫凤娇  颜王  亚马逊   张艺兴  赵丽颖  孟加拉国 徐歌阳 汪峰 吴胜利

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