Friday, December 15, 2017

poetry picnic week 46, and short story slam week 80, poetry and story inn fridays week 10

it is a close call
if you ever know that we are not Bob Dole, or Al gore,
John Kerry used to surf
Barbara Bush's husband George Herbert Bush used to sky diving
what we can do is to slow moving
especially when the winter hits us snowy mountains
with piles of ice in our frontyard


things all go unattended
let me go

Saturday, July 29, 2017

short story slam week 72

short story slam week 72, july 20 to august 6, 2017  

   hp computer is assembled at Madison, Winsconsin

A sign marking the entrance to the HP corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California, 2006

 HP Headquarters Palo Alto.jpg

Industry Computer hardware
Computer software
IT services
IT consulting
Fate Split into two companies
Successor HP Inc.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Founded January 1, 1939; 78 years ago
Founders William Redington Hewlett and
David Packard
Defunct November 1, 2015 (main company) (For Hewlett Packard Enterprise). Now operating as HP Inc.

long way to go
Julia Zhu and Abbey Wood come from Ossm
they sit, Edmond Sun and Rutgers, New Jersey

hp and William Redington Hewlett,
David Packard and Flora Wang,
stay upgraded in computer industry

back to other homes,
we walk on Google street and cross Charles road,
running toward  Charlotte Birkenstock

good folks live happy
Madison and Cincinati pave path to Peking wit
Kate Rockwood, Jeanne Sager, and Jacquie Cheatwood all smile a lot

Saturday, June 10, 2017

2018 ossm students

OSSM Class of 2018
Jenna Abouzahr Kiernan Arledge Edward Armitage Alisha Asif
Braxton Beuke Khayla Black Lawton Blanchard Cade Burks
Grace Chown Azhia Contreras Joe Coyer Priyan Daji
Bryce Day Aniket Dehadrai Laura Deng Shania Do
Emilie Dunn Meghana Fathepure Connor Ferguson Kelsy Fu
Angela George Landin Green Shubham Gulati Sahar Hasan
Randall Higdon Tyler Hitch Chenwei Huang Paria Iranpour
Esther Jang Ross Jardine Emily Johnson Grace Johnson
Omar Khan Nicholas Khor Colter King Austin Kirk
Anthony Kong Wendy Liu Austin Lively Gabi Lopez
Jimmy Ma Adi Maese Jacob Manuel Madison McCaskill
Maia McDonald Remy McMeekin Josmar Medina Brycelynne Miller
Josh Minton Noah Monaghan Emma Morgan Alexis Murray
Bella Ngo Jahnavi Nikkam Chika Okere Chinwe Okere
Summar Owens Bailey Page Aaron Park Parth Patel
Cullen Peters Arshia Ramesh Lena Ross Thomas Salas
Alondra Saucedo Espinno Gabriel Shultz Mimi Son Emily Tackel
Kyle Teel Rohit Thomas Enrique Thompson Sharon Thomson
Max Tjauw Christine Tran Koby Walk George Wang
Lydia Wang Mark Wendelboe Hannah Wiesner Deyja Williams
Sophia Williamson Judy Wu Richard Xiao Julia Ye
Mei Zhang

Thursday, May 25, 2017

short story slam week 69, places, friends, strangers, and surprises

Chongqing University, Shengyang North Railway Station, and Shanghai Hongqiao airport,
where many profound lords such as Suo Feng, Zen Shijie, and Zhu Cao stop

 Image result for yanji chaoyangchuan airport                   

Image result for nantong university
Image result for nantong university
Image result for nantong university
Image result for nantong university

by chance
my pen drops on the floor
swirling around
flying south and north
touching grand Canyon and Bryce Stone woods

people are made of stones
stones are made from human bodies
Happy Fathers Day to
Peng Hounian, Feng Jin, Wu Chenxi, Yan Simei

as Peng Chuanzhen and Peng Chuanxian join Nantong,
we begin day dreaming
we thought of Dallas, Betsy Price, Mike Rawlings, Scott Griggs,
we trust Chicago, Spokane, Mark Clayton, Philip Kingston, T. C. Broadnax

Beijing Jiaotong University,
Beijing Normal University,
Capital Normal University,
Anhui University

Hefei, Qindao, Yanji,
Qinghua University, James Chin-Kyung Kim,
City of Peking, Hangzhou,
Wuhan Tianhe airport, Ningbo, Jilin, Shanghai

all the way from Dallas, Chicago, Evanston, Seattle, Incheon,
lovely Suki Kim, Kim Jong-II, Kim Chin Kyung, Sky River,
Ma Yufeng, Sun Zhengcai, Xiong Jianmin, Andrew Jacobs, Yang Jian
Kim Soo-Cheon, Tan Wangeng, Cho Yang-Ho, Wang Menghui, Jiang Youwei

Monday, April 10, 2017

poetry rally week 84, Blackberry and Peanuts

Image result for blackberry fruit 

blackberry fruit

Image result for gooseberry fruit

gooseberry fruit

Related image    peanut tree and peanut roots

some trees bear fruits,
they bloom before rearing
some trees bear roots
they break ground before stretching

berry creek grow homes
Todd Kraybill have fun plotting
Countryside and Canyon village
all have love in the beginning

Jessie loves blackberry
Carol loves Gooseberry
Rachel loves peanuts
Sam loves walnuts

fruits and poetry come all year long
uncovered stories heard like pop corn
I read a story today
telling people that Amelia is a fair lady from university of Brown

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weekly prompts

 Image result for knairy mellow yellow 

Image result for knairy mellow yellow
short story slam week 64, the scores and the baskets 

 Image result for march madnessNew Post

 Image result for young riders shadow 

 Image result for young riders shadow 

Words escape their board,
flying all over

smoking temple
sense making see-saw riders frown

tires go flat
the car swing forward with leaks of gas

bumping road
hard drive

a soft glance,
a sudden stop

Afghanistan and George Morton
Coconut bridge and James Drumwright

Wordle 289

Saturday, January 14, 2017

short story slam week 60, Victoria Zhang, Frankie Wong, and Faith Penner

knowing you well
find joy all day
selling tickets to Great wall
buying a lulu ebay book

January 14, 2017, which is a day for Goshen, Shenyang, Guangdong, and Peking

Opening the day
With a wringle in the corner of my eyes
I bend my stretched wings
And get on a webpage
Seeing Lea Thompson
And hearing Abbey Thomas

With a random tip from my laundry machine
I relate to Alec Ash, Katie Underwood, James Brenneman,
And knowing Alison Wong, Frankie Zhang, Penny Liu, and Conrad Clements
Oops, names could dry our braincell
But I persis these people’s fame
Via Douglas Foster, Daniel Kamin, Dona Park, and Faith Penner

Silent naps
Anxious girls
Rose Gillin and Martene Kropf settle at Wangfujing with John Powell, Ryan Sensenig,
Roy Williams, Rory Gates, and Katie Middleston do return feedbacks,
So does Karl Eigsti, Yu Hua, Tinho Town, Zhujiang New, and Baoyu Lu
Beifang Books and Fangsuo books compete,
Shenyang and Liaoning relate to Heilongjiang and Ha’erbin

Adding sugar to my cooking jar,
I stir more to swirl up Phil Bolstan dairy,
Yide Lu, Lynus Lu, Donghua Wei, Zoe Xu, Carina Zheng, and Louis Berney fans,
They life up spirits of Xi Jingping and Peng Liyuan,
And they sail boats at Lake Michigan,
Calling Julia Lovell, Shang Xiajiu, Lychee Bay, Joanna You, and Venetian Peng wits




Image result for guangdong bookstore  

Image result for wangfujing bookstore