Saturday, January 14, 2017

short story slam week 60, Victoria Zhang, Frankie Wong, and Faith Penner

knowing you well
find joy all day
selling tickets to Great wall
buying a lulu ebay book

January 14, 2017, which is a day for Goshen, Shenyang, Guangdong, and Peking

Opening the day
With a wringle in the corner of my eyes
I bend my stretched wings
And get on a webpage
Seeing Lea Thompson
And hearing Abbey Thomas

With a random tip from my laundry machine
I relate to Alec Ash, Katie Underwood, James Brenneman,
And knowing Alison Wong, Frankie Zhang, Penny Liu, and Conrad Clements
Oops, names could dry our braincell
But I persis these people’s fame
Via Douglas Foster, Daniel Kamin, Dona Park, and Faith Penner

Silent naps
Anxious girls
Rose Gillin and Martene Kropf settle at Wangfujing with John Powell, Ryan Sensenig,
Roy Williams, Rory Gates, and Katie Middleston do return feedbacks,
So does Karl Eigsti, Yu Hua, Tinho Town, Zhujiang New, and Baoyu Lu
Beifang Books and Fangsuo books compete,
Shenyang and Liaoning relate to Heilongjiang and Ha’erbin

Adding sugar to my cooking jar,
I stir more to swirl up Phil Bolstan dairy,
Yide Lu, Lynus Lu, Donghua Wei, Zoe Xu, Carina Zheng, and Louis Berney fans,
They life up spirits of Xi Jingping and Peng Liyuan,
And they sail boats at Lake Michigan,
Calling Julia Lovell, Shang Xiajiu, Lychee Bay, Joanna You, and Venetian Peng wits




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